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The cigars and all other features for San Diego Cigar Roller events are provided by the brand itself, us, CF Dominicana Cigars.

CF is a premium cigar brand with Authentic Latin Cigar Rollers available throughout San Diego. All of the Cigar Rollers for the brand give an experience to your guest with great presentation & personable, approcahable knowledge about cigars to enlighten all attending.

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David was our resident cigar roller then and still is now along with Juan and both are master cigar rollers from the Dominican Republic and handle cigar rolling events in Southern California. After both of their notoriety in the gaslamp district, the cigar rolling events then became our trademarked service now known as Cigar Catering® and branched out through La Jolla, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Rancho Bernardo, Torrey Pines Oldtown, Mira Mesa, Centre City, Black Mountain Ranch and others to make San Diego a major market for our cigar sales through the cigar demonstrations.

Isabelle also will sometimes a company the two men and provides a different twist, she is a female cigar roller.
This cigar rolling woman has been requested far more than her male counterparts over the last two years because she provides a visual that even the most experienced cigar smoker has never seen before. Isabelle can also be found performing at live cigar roller events in Los Angeles and often travels to other cities in the West.

Once you submit the contact form which will give us all of the information we need for your event, we will quickly create a suggested package of features for your next event whether it be San Diego or anywhere else in Southern California.

The presentation CF Dominicana cigars provides is always upscale, the rollers are always knowledgeable and interactive, and most of all will make you the star of the event..


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